VPM LAW is the first virtual law office on Curaçao. But what is a virtual law office actually?

According to online sources virtual law offices are formed and regulated in the same way as traditional law offices.

The differences with traditional law offices are that:

  • 1. Virtual law offices don’t have a physical building, but operate from satellite offices, the homes of its lawyers or the offices of their clients;
  • 2. Virtual law offices render their services to clients using modern and technological means of communication;
  • 3. The lawyers may be self-employed consultants rather than partners or employees;
  • 4. Virtual law offices offer lower prices, as they generally operate with lower overheads;
  • 5. Virtual law offices have frequently only senior lawyers. This benefits clients in having their work done personally by an experienced lawyer;
  • 6. Many Virtual law offices operate as paperless offices.